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 The Third Hulk.

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The Third Hulk. Empty
PostSubject: The Third Hulk.   The Third Hulk. EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 11:06 pm

My name isn't important........ what is important is my story....

I was five years old when a group of scientists came into my parents home and take me away. I remember my mother holding onto me for dear life as my dad started yelling and cussing at the men into leaving us alone.... I remember hearing something sounding like a crack of thunder but it was a nice sunny day so thunder wasn't expected.... I remember hearing my mother screaming at them as they ripped me out of her arms and took me away of course that was after I heard that clap of thunder again.... I was taken to somewhere there they beat me numerous times and left no place on my body unbruised and unbeaten.... I stayed there for ten years they did numerous amounts of experiments on me...

Two particular experiments left me hating my own body.... "This won't hurt one bit little one.... but in order for this experiment to work you must be exposed to the gamma radiation...." one science man told me gently trying to get me to understand of course he had been teaching me different things "Now let's get this done.... I'll be right beside you when you come out... okay?" I nodded at him then I went into the gamma radiation room... from there I finally passed out........
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The Third Hulk.
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